& Aspirational​

Women and minority led FTT co-production syndicate, leveraging complimentary skill sets, creating exceptional FTT content

Sisters First (“SF”) is partnering with proven proven FTT women and minority producers, creators & performers to share their project requirements, data and deal flow in return for preferred access to SF’s technology platform and capital base. Immediately positions SF as a leading FTT hybrid investment & production company for inspirational and aspirational content.

Current CPP Partners​


Bonnie Comley & Stewart Lane (9 Tony Awards, the top lead producers in Broadway history)


Geena Davis Institute (Industry leader on Gender and Racial Inclusion Analysis)


Pigmental Studios (Despicable Me, Household Pests)


Tiny Horse Productions (Exclusive Media Marketing Partner for Walmart’s Vudu Platform)

CPP Benefits

Entertainment has a profound influence on our culture and how we see our value in society. Women and girls are 51% of the population, but not in the stories we tell onscreen. Our research shows that Male characters outnumber female characters two-to-one—and male characters ARE SEEN AND SPEAK twice as MUCH as female characters.

Yet, our benchmark study of the largest grossing films over ten years, female centric films generated 55% more at the box office.

By partnering with Sisters First, we can make a dramatic culture change and show women and girls that their aspirations and options are limitless. Our motto is: “If They Can See It, They Can Be It.”

Madeline Di Nonno

CEO of the Geena Davis Institute

“Artificial intelligence is proving to be a valuable tool on Wall Street, so why not take it to Broadway? Sisters First is using their proven AI investment technology platform which will significantly improve the risk/return profile of film, television and theater investments and adding the power and guidance of the female brain.”

Bonnie Comley

9-Time Tony Award-Winning Producer,
Writer and Performer

Bonnie Comley