& Aspirational​

Women and minority led FTT co-production syndicate, leveraging complimentary skill sets, creating exceptional FTT content

Sisters First (“SF”) is partnering with proven proven FTT women and minority producers, creators & performers to share their project requirements, data and deal flow in return for preferred access to SF’s technology platform and capital base. Immediately positions SF as a leading FTT hybrid investment & production company for inspirational and aspirational content.

Current CPP Partners​


Bonnie Comley & Stewart Lane (9 Tony Awards, the top lead producers in Broadway history)


Geena Davis Institute (Industry leader on Gender and Racial Inclusion Analysis)


Pigmental Studios (Despicable Me, Household Pests)


Rebeliam – led by Autumn DeVitry


Tiny Horse Productions (Exclusive Media Marketing Partner for Walmart’s Vudu Platform)

CPP Benefits

  • CPP provides their project requirements & data for SF Entertainment Production Fund Platform as a Service ("EPF PaaS”), leveraged to create factor based project screening requirement sets
  • CPP & SF give mutual “co-investment” rights in each others projects
  • Share their deal pipeline, gives SF immediate, unique and sustainable FTT deal flow source, ensuring SF “best of the best” project optionality
  • CPP & SF name each other as Co-Production Partners in all public communications, providing SF immediate brand credibility

Entertainment has a profound influence on our culture and how we see our value in society. Women and girls are 51% of the population, but not in the stories we tell onscreen. Our research shows that Male characters outnumber female characters two-to-one—and male characters ARE SEEN AND SPEAK twice as MUCH as female characters.

Yet, our benchmark study of the largest grossing films over ten years, female centric films generated 55% more at the box office.

By partnering with Sisters First, we can make a dramatic culture change and show women and girls that their aspirations and options are limitless. Our motto is: “If They Can See It, They Can Be It.”

Madeline Di Nonno

CEO of the Geena Davis Institute

“Artificial intelligence is proving to be a valuable tool on Wall Street, so why not take it to Broadway? Sisters First is using their proven AI investment technology platform which will significantly improve the risk/return profile of film, television and theater investments and adding the power and guidance of the female brain.”

Bonnie Comley

9-Time Tony Award-Winning Producer,
Writer and Performer

Bonnie Comley