Sisters First Productions was founded in 2016 by two sisters, Teagan and Quin Earley, young writers focused on creating fictional content centric around the feats of inspiring female lead characters.

The Earley Sisters’ stories caught the eye of seasoned Hollywood Producers whose own investment thesis’ were centered around “Inspirational and Aspirational” films and at a time when the biggest returns were coming from films with female leads.

The team’s female empowered content with inspiring themes was not only timely, but also a sustainable & scalable investment thesis.  Data scientists were hired to confirm it.

When the analytics came back strong across all key indicating categories, the Sisters First Productions team decided to create a new kind of media investment company which brought together the brightest young women content creators, Wall Street quantitative analysts & proven producers to invest in projects which amplify original female voices and present Inspirational and Aspirational singular stories in Film, Television, and Theater.



Proven leaders in the FTT industry, “for women by women”

Syndication Partnerships


Proven leaders in the FTT production industry…Young female creators with important things to say…Wall Street & Silicon Valley technologists and Asset Managers from diverse backgrounds…these are the types of people who work at Sisters First Productions.