What Is Entertainment Quantamental Investing and Why Is It Important

What Is Entertainment Quantamental Investing and Why Is It Important

Entertainment Quantamental Investment Platform as a Service

EPF PaaS combines quantitative and fundamental to support the FTT producer project due diligence and investment selection process

Entertainment Quantamental Investment Platform as a Service

PaaS Benefits

Entertainment Producers

  • Proven Team of Entertainment Producers become better investors by creating a relative value investment strategy utilizing an EPF PaaS developed quantitative model to produce attractive, risk adjusted return profiles
  • Leveraging data from multiple proprietary, on line & media sources, the EPF PaaS will create a factor based project screening requirement set that will include ratings
  • As an example, Plot & Storyline emotional arc structure vs. box office success) that will help the producer to screen and invest in content projects faster, better, & cheaper


  • Based on this unique quantamental platform and approach, Sisters First designed the USD 170m FTT Fund I to offer programmatic ownership of FTT assets to financial investors seeking institutionalized exposure to “Inspirational and Aspirational” content
  • The Bond functions like a traditional mutual fund and will invest in a diversified portfolio of 3-5 FTT projects during every 12-18 month period
  • The Bond team will focus on sourcing projects which meet the EPF PaaS generated requirement parameters from both new screenwriters/playwrights and several of the top film and theater studios/producers

Investment Pipeline & Selected Deal Flow

Investment Rights to Top FTT Deals, SF EPF PaaS Allows SF to Pick “Best of Best” & Deliver Risk Adjusted & Higher Returns

Broad View
Film, Television, and Theater Content and Disruptive Distribution Models & Technologies

Laser Focus
Teamed with Top Tier Production Companies, A-List Talent, and Emerging Technologies

Current & Pending CPP Partners
Award Winners – Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy with >USD 10 bn Total Gross Box Office Revenues

Traditional and Emerging Markets

  • Alternate Distribution Streaming Channels & Subscription Base
  • Gen Z Content

Quantamental Based Selection Criteria
EPF PaaS helps to insure likelihood of success, pick the “best of the best” from proven FTT partner’s project pipeline